VSI Food & Wines Consulting

VSI Food Consulting is our area specialized in the food and beverage industry.


VSI has excellent relationships with many importers / distributors in the industry, as a result of diffrerent promotional activities we have done in many countries for Spanish institutions.


VSI offers different promotional programs adressed to food/beverage industries aiming to open new international markets with a low economic cost.


During the last 5 years we have worked for many companies in the industry of wine, ham, oil, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, snacks, nuts, liqueurs, desserts, meat and fish, preserves and sauces, etc.


We collaborate with important national fairs of the sector where our principal objective is to bring international importers.


We have done many trade missions in different countries, show rooms for the agrifood sector, promotions in the point of sale…




We are specialized in food&wines sector in the german market, where we offer very interesting services for our customers interested in this market. Please, check our presentation of Food&Wines Germany by going into the following link: