Individual trade missions (PMI)

Analysis and prospection

Business trip and closing agreements

PMI Program is aimed for SME’s which are interested in opening new international markets in a quick and efficient way. It’s a “low cost” service, cause the cost is affordable for any small Company and the ROI is almost immediate.

The program is adapted depending on our client’s needs. The work in the target country is done in a personalized way and, always, under the instructions of the Company which is the one who decides the work timings.


Step 1: Analysis and prospection

In this phase, we analyze your Company, products and prices, distribution channels and marketing needs. With the information obtained we start prospecting the market to find the best options for your Company. A report is prepared to contain market information and evaluated potential partners listed in the country. With this information, the client will be able to validate the information and move on to phase /step 2.


Step 2: Identification and Selection

The next few days are devoted to contact potential customers/dealers. We contact and present products. Companies are analyzed and later we select the best ones according to the potential and interest they show for your Company.


Step 3: Travel and agenda of meetings

Once the selection is done, we prepare an agenda of meetings in the objective country, where the Company travels to celebrate meetings with local partners interested in developing new commercial relationships.