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VSI Consulting

VSI es una consultora en comercio internacional
y marketing, fundada en 2005.


Acerca de
VSI Consulting


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VSI Consulting dispone de delegaciones en 70 países

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International Trade Consultancy and Advice

Internationalization of Companies

At VSI we are committed to our project, to our daily work and to the international development of our industry. We want to contribute to the growth of companies and institutions.


Salesupply works actively with VSI Consulting. They are an excellent partner for the internationalization of SMEs, as well as great organizers of efficient trade missions both individual and group. Undoubtedly, if you are thinking of internationalizing your business or looking for suppliers abroad, VSI is a good partner.


– Jan Bastiaans – 

Doval Building

We have done frankly well in Colombia and Peru, we have made a good choice of companies and monitoring them.


– Alex Monzó, Manager –



I had 4 excellent meetings at Israel, which is a great result given the small size of the market, including one of the largest. We are very satisfied.


– Francisco Rubio, Manager –


Spanish Association of Moulds and Matrices

I am very grateful to the entire VSI team for your seriousness and speed of response in this successful project in Germany.


– Albert Rivera, Vice-president –


Extremadura Avante

The reverse trade mission has gone very well, both from the point of view of the selected importers and the participating companies from Extremadura. You have done a very good job, which has been an important part of the success.


– Antonio Bravo, Internacional Director –


Klein Laboratories

The trip has been very interesting, with very good meetings. You have been very efficient.


– Asaf Riess, Internacional Director –


Badajoz Chamber of Commerce

I have no doubt of your professional solvency, as we have already worked with you successfully in the past. For this reason and for the quality of your services we are confident that we will be able to work with you in the near future.


– Baldomero Nieto, International Area –


D.O. Navarra

Objective fulfilled in the event. Good work of organization and attraction of buyers for our wineries in Mexico.


– Jordi Vidal, Manager –

Rayan Moda

We are working on the closing of the representation contracts and we have already received orders in a quite positive proportion. We have made a good entry into the Italian market thanks to VSI.


– Pedro, Manager –



Everything went very well. The VSI team in Istanbul has been very professional and we have made really interesting contacts.


– Jordi Sanahuja, Manager –



The prepared visits have been super interesting and your team in Romania excellent professionals.
From the first sight, it has hit the nail on the head and not a minute has been lost visiting companies that are not really importers of rodenticides and insecticides.


– Vicente Jauregui, Export Director –